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Jesus said that His sheep know His voice. The number one thing you can do to start tuning into what the voice of Jesus in your life sounds like is this: pick up your Bible. If you have had the Bible shoved down your throat, pick up a different translation, and start reading the gospels. Read with an eye out for the character of Jesus. Pay attention when He refers to himself as ‘humble’ and ‘gentle’ and says ‘neither do I condemn you.’ As you gain a sense of His character, it will be easier to identify what is His voice, what is your voice, and what is the voice of the enemy.

Unka Glen Fitzjerrell on episode 131 of Say That

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Daily Reminder:


I am a stick - Lifeless on my own. Help me stay connected to the Vine.

I am a target - Constantly Under Attack. Help me resist the enemy - to stand and fight.

I am His adopted child - Wanted and Loved. Help me believe how valued I am.

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Be still awhile and let God love you. For just a moment, don’t think about methods, or achievements, or past mistakes. Let God heal your heart, soothe your worries, and be your rock. Seek to utterly depend on Him.
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